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Snoop Dogg (Lion?)

1/30s . f/5.6 . ISO 3200 . 55 mm

First thing’s first, I’m sorry I left this site for over a year. Hopefully, I’ll be posting again semi-regularly. It looks pretty bad to see “November 2011” as the last post before this one!

Anyway…back in September, I was walking around in Times Square and found Snoop Dogg/Lion, whatever he wants to call himself these days, walking around as well. This is the best paparazzi shot I’ve got of him. What’s interesting is that he was really loving his photo taken, it seemed like he purposely was standing as still as possible so that people could get the best picture.

Normally at night, it can be difficult to photograph people walking around.  There usually just isn’t enough light to get a high enough shutter speed unless you feel like using the flash. Notice the ISO here is 3200, but with f/5.6 I am only able to shoot as fast as 1/30 of a second. In this scenario, one really needs a “fast lens”, – which means one with a wide aperture that lets in plenty of light. Unfortunately, I wasn’t using such a lens.

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