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Otherworldly Oxford Sign

Headington Park Sign.  Flash Zoom effect done in Camera

1/10s . f/8.0 . ISO 400 . 18 mm, (Headington Hill, Oxford, England)

Photos of signs can be boring.  But not this one!  This zoom effect is one of my favorites to experiment with. The entire effect is done in the camera!  How do you do it?  Well, in yesterday’s post, I discussed the 2nd curtain flash and how it enables you to sort of get two shutter speeds.

In order to get this shot, you’ll need a zoom lens and some kind of SLR.  Here is the setup.  Set the camera to 2nd curtain flash, and use a fairly slow shutter speed (like 1/10th of a second). Zoom in all the way on your lens and center the subject.  Do not press the shutter yet.

Now, here’s where the magic comes in.  You are going to zoom out DURING the shot.  What happens when you do this, is the light from the flash illuminates the subject (here it’s the sign) so that remains clear, however the flash light won’t reach the background and the background will have a zoomed out motion blur. Pretty neat.

Experiment with 2nd curtain flash.  Trust me you’ll like it.

Photographing Oxford

Photographing Oxford

iso 200 , 50mm, f/2.2, 1/1000 sec

This shot is interesting because of it’s extreme shallow depth of field (focus).  By keeping the aperture very wide at f/2.2, I was able to keep my friend Cristian sharp, while blurring out Radcliffe Camera (the round building) in the background.  Unfortunately, many inexpensive lenses do not allow you to get very wide apertures, but the lens I was using is a real cheap one, the Canon 50mm f1.8 II which retails for only $100.  I highly recommend this lens even if it’s very chintzy looking.

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