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New York City Marathon


The NYC marathon runs through my neighborhood at around the 17th mile mark every year.  On Nov 6, 2011 (tommorow), thousands of folks will run by again.  Here’s a short flip-book animation I made back in 2009.  That’s 480 shots in 48 seconds @ 10 frames a second.

So how did I do this? It actually isn’t so hard. You’ll need QuickTime Pro which is available for Mac or PC.

First, I set my camera up to shoot in burst mode.  For this, I simply used “Sports mode” and let my camera do the work. You’ll need to take a lot of pictures if you want to use a high frame rate in the movie file.  The more burst sequences you shoot, the cooler the animation will look. Remember to take all your photos in landscape orientation, or you’ll need to eliminate the portrait shots later.

Next you’ll need to export all those photos to a folder at a downgraded resolution.  Remember, even full 1080p HD video is only about 2 megapixels.  So which resolution to choose? For 1080p quality, export with the short-edge (the height in this case) at 1080 pixels, for 720p quality, export with the short-edge at 720 pixels, and so on.  You should realize that outfits like Youtube will likely degrade the quality of your movie despite any high resolution.

To piece the images together as a video file, open up QuickTime Pro and go to File>Open Image Sequence. Navigate to the first image in your folder of shots.  Click Open, and next you’ll be given a choice of frame-rates. Your choice will depend on how long you want your movie to actually be and how many photos you’ve actually taken.

Use File>Save As to export the image sequence as a video file. After you do this, you can easily use other programs (Windows MovieMaker, Apple’s iMovie, etc) to add a soundtrack.

But an even easier and lazier way to do this is to simply upload the silent version to Youtube. You can then use their AudioSwap feature to easily find an audio track that can match the length of the movie.  You also won’t encounter any copyright issues since the stuff on there is royalty-free.

To Toggle Full Screen:
Press F11 (Windows) or Cmd-Shift-F (Mac)