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Part of a shutter-happy family

1/50 - f/4 - ISO 800 - 300 mm

Despite the very strange October snow, I went back to the Photo Expo on Saturday in order to have more fun with equipment that is far too expensive for me to own. I did a little better this time with the controls.

The lens used to shoot the first two was that $6,300 Sony 300mm f/2.8 (the middle lens in the last photograph). It’s a massive beast of a lens because it’s a very long telephoto, and most importantly it has a very wide aperture of f/2.8. The very wide aperture allows for only the subjects to be isolated. It also allows a ton of light into the camera. A paparazzi photographer’s dream. But it comes at a massive price.

Another thing to notice is how pleasing the out-of-focus portions of the two image are. The term for this is ‘bokeh’ and it’s a hallmark of professional-looking photography. “Good” bokeh will be soft and smooth (like you see here), while “bad” bokeh is often course and not as pleasing to the eye. Since it costs so much to get the “good” kind, I’ll settle for anything actually.

1/200 - f/2.8 - ISO 1600 - 300 mm

Cradling his baby.

Notice on this shot how razor-thin the depth of field is here. The focus is sharp on the guy’s face but his camera is starting to get blurry.

1/80 - f/4 - ISO 500 - 50 mm

The middle lens was used to shoot the top two photos.

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