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Background on this site


So, how did I do it?

The above screenshot shows the back-end of my website. To manage this blog/site, I use the Wordpress blogging platform.

There are two “flavors” of WordPress, the free version and the self-hosted variety. leads to the free version. Free is great but there are a lot of drawbacks. To me, the drawbacks were deal-breakers so I chose to self-host my WordPress site.

Self-hosted simply means I pay a third-party web hosting company to host my WordPress installation (in my case I use Bluehost). Unlike the free version of WordPress, a self-hosted WordPress ( blog is customizable via all sorts of plugins. That allows me to easily expand the default platform to fit my needs. The free site simply does not allow plugins.

With the free version, you end up running into limitations very, very quickly. I cannot really recommend it.

Anyway, the most important thing with a WordPress blog is the theme. This completely customizes how your site will look. What’s nice about WordPress is that it allows you to change themes on the fly. The hard part about that is to create a custom theme. I used a program called Artisteer (along with some work in Photoshop) to create mine because I simply do not know enough about coding. To properly make your own WordPress theme, you should really know HTML, CSS, and PHP.

I’m really not there yet, but I hope to learn enough to create my own theme soon.

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