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Voyage to Roosevelt Island

Here is a new shot of the Roosevelt Island Tram I took the other day. The Tram is actually one of the few aerial *commuter* trams in the world. It runs from 59th and 2nd in Manhattan to Main Street on Roosevelt Island.  The cost is the same as a ride on the subway.

You might be wondering about the sky in this shot and how I got the clouds to pop out like that.  Well, I used a lens filter known as a Circular Polarizer.

A CP (as circular polarizers are known in photodork circles) is actually one of the only lens filters that cannot be easily fully duplicated using software. It will make your colors pop, remove unwanted reflections and give your shots a very professional look. I like using it any time it’s a sunny day and there are blue skies.

To save money, you can buy one polarizer that fits the lens you own with the largest filter diameter. Then you can use very, very cheap adapters known as a “step-up rings” to adapt your lenses with smaller filter diameters to use the larger polarizer.

Here’s another of the tram.  This one a close up.

1/800s . f/5.6 . ISO 320 . 55mm

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