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Foil is your friend

Foil Flash Reflector

Foil Flash Reflector

So why did I do this to my camera you might ask? Well, I’m sure you’ve experienced poor results from your own-board flash. Direct flash usually creates ugly, harsh shadows and looks very unappealing. To remedy this, the easiest way is to bounce the flash light off another surface.

Normally, this involves buying an external flash for a few hundred dollars. That’s definitely the best way.

But the cheap way is to make a reflector for you on-board flash. I did this using Aluminum foil. If you try, make sure to grab enough foil that you xan fold it at least 3 times for thickness sake. Then simply mold it into the flash seat area so that it will stay in one place while shooting.  To get the best exposure, you might need to change the flash-exposure compensation, or increase your ISO.  Consult your camera manual on how to do this.

Oh and one last thing, be sure to close your eyes quickly when the flash goes off because it’ll be in your face.

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  • SJ:

    I dont get what actually happens here, like is the foil covering the flash or just surrounding it? cos I dont get how the flash can light up a scene if its covered over with foil. I dont get what way the foil is sitting here in the pic, is there something sittin underneath it or is just like a little hood type thing? Wasnt sure if the flash piece was maybe peeing thru the foil like and the foil is just a tunnel around if to magnify the flash!

    • The flash gets reflected backwards and hits the wall behind me. That way, you still get the flash light (because it still is lighting up the room) but it’s not directly in the subject’s face.

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