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Sun setting on a city church

1/500s . f/4 . ISO 100 . 50 mm

Not too long ago (before 2008), in order to get this shot with an SLR, one had to look through the glass viewfinder. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy looking directly at the sun, it’s not so good for your eyes.

If I’m shooting directly (or semi-directly) at the sun like this, I’ll try to use the LCD to compose my shot to avoid looking at the sun.

Another tip for these shots is that usually the sun will make the shot very hazy, but that is just the nature of the beast. In order to rectify this, I use high contrast and the blacks slider in Lightroom.

2 Responses to “Sun setting on a city church”

  • SJ:

    Is that your apartment balcony your lookin out from?? When I look at the photo I get that kinda same feeling in my eyes like I just looked at the sun. I like the angle that its at that it shines right on that balcony making it stand out as the clearest thing in the image.
    What bout that camera glare at the bottom of the pic, can you get rid of that or do you like that there? Guess you could cover it over in photoshop!

  • Yeah it’s the balcony outside. Originally I was gonna crop off the lens flare at the bottom, but I kind of liked it because it shows the sun on the camera lens. You can see how it follows from the glare on the building behind the church.

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